Clover's (first) website

Clover has been asking me for a website for, well, as long as e could say the words. And the promise had always been when reading and writing is happening. And it is happening. So here we go!

We are going to setup a sub-domain, and then Clover is going to learn HTML. One element at a time. We’ll be working up to the goal of whatever Clover wants on the front page.


This is a little scary. I’m about to meet my largest fear head-on: am I capable of teaching my child?

There are a lot of swirling ideas in my head:

  • how reliable are the “learning style” models?
  • is webcraft so personally important to me, will I have unreasonable expectations?
  • is this even relevant? a distraction? my hubris?

That’s a lot of doubt. Meh. Ain’t no thing.

Because the more I slow down, the more I get done. When I look out I see chaos around me, but not touching. I’m a rock. And this is not natural. I trained for this. I’m an expert at handling the bullshit life throws at us.

And I love this particular instance of human so gawd damn much it hurts to think I will mess this up, at any step.

In many ways I need this much more. Wait, probably in all the ways! I always benefit from beginner’s mind. The challenge is amazing, since I’ve loaded this kid’s life with fascinating, distracting things. Witches, magic, books, games, words words words. Can I convince em that saying something to the future is still fun if I insist ey understand the underlying spell?

I think so.

Because we could capture the interests of some, with the shiny demos and clever visuals we build in tutorials and new technologies. But what is that future? How many technology in the shallows, where it easily mixes with culture, practices, capitalism. People are pulled in so many directions by so many tidal forces, and the world isn’t handling it well. So we need to create a new organization of understanding: we should producing digital druids wherever we can.

Webcraft is one of those arcane heritages that easily mixes all the fun laypeople practices with the technical priesthood: knowing the core tech only increases culture remixing.

Anyhow, it’ll probably work out. Hi Clover, I wrote this a long time ago. :kissing_heart:

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@annietuna and I are excited to load up Boston questions and answers and such, too!


One of the reasons for Hosting talkgroup stuff with DigitalOcean Spaces is to ensure we can host bunches of assets. Photos and the like.

Clover and I have conspired, and determined it didn’t make much sense for em to have a website. Clover doesn’t even have a server! :slight_smile:

And the train of thought goes on: C will need to have a computer with some kind of storage capability, in order to process images and type up descriptions. In the meantime, we are going to post things to #interi, and I will field questions and respond on C’s behalf. That’s where we’re at.

But I do look forward to hosting all these oddly-held, over-flashed, up-in-our-faces photos! Because later, when Clover does get eir first website, e will decide which parts of the archive to move forward. And in the meantime we have the world’s chillaxest fridge to hang kiddo’s “art”, as magical as the quest board or borrowers thing or life raft and all the other things Clover will be able to see. What an interesting world.

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I might do some timestamp hackery and secretly inject it into talkgroup somewhere?!?!

Gotta say, as a personal art project, these forums are very rewarding. :face_with_monocle:


a raspberry pi! i have several, and also some fans and cases. i also have three soldering stations. it was all gonna be for the guild but i didn’t reimburse myself before they shut down. i just found them in a box i thought had other stuff.

you’ll need a monitor; i have a small 12" or so one that is currently at double union. do you want it? or you could use the tv only. maybe using the tv is good because time with it has to be very intentional and supervised. tvs are easy for guardians to see.

or a tablet? or is a tablet too “easy” to use and you don’t want portable tech yet?

this is awesome.