This Tilde is hosted on a raspberry pi zero w. Additionally, the only server it currently does is for gopher and ssh connections. Why? Because the resource constraints of the zero w. Nevertheless, it has a bunch of homebrew software, from games to chat. It’s very colorful too, and it’s easy to obtain an account there! The admin is also nice, and is always looking for ways to improve the system. To get a feel for it, use lynx or a gopher proxy and go to the following address: gopher:// . It’s highly recommended!

A run down of features:
Gopher? Y
Web? N
Messageboard? Y
Games? Y
Chat? Y

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Are all tilde spaces a type of BBS, or merely share many attributes? :thinking:

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I’d say they share many of the same attributes of BBSes, but on a technical level they are entirely different. They are more open in what the users can do, as the users are given a shell prompt on a *nix system like Linux. On a BBS however, you are constrained as to what you can do as a user, and there are sometimes user “levels” granting access to more and more parts of the system, which is completely in reverse to tildes.