Companies that send me unsolicited email

I read all terms of service and privacy statements. If I can’t, I don’t sign up.

I double-check every form I fill out (I build forms for a living).

I don’t accidentally sign up for anything. It is intentional.

So when I get unsolicited email claiming I signed up for something, it’s bullshit. This is a log of such bullshit.

I got a survey email from a company called “Delighted”, haven’t visited by apparently at

It was on behalf of Flywheel, a WordPress hosting company that’s been bought by someone, I forget. It is to an address that begins maiki+3cities, for a website I built over a decade ago.

Flywheel’s owner-entity is illegally sending me unsolicited email.

Worth reporting?

I thought there was a theoretical way to get damages oneself but i can’t find it.

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I do report it to the FTC; I even used to forward spam with detailed backtraces. :nerd_face:

I’m trying this new approach of public shaming. Maybe folks will search and find their unsoliciter here with a link to the FTC and will complain in kind. :slight_smile:

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I can never tell if it is Yelp or someone posing as Yelp, but I know I will never have anything to do with that company, and they should never, ever email me.

Yelp the company is worse than most spammers, as they make scare-calls to real companies to convince them to “claim” their company’s profile or whatever.

Good Vibrations is a feminist, sex-positive shop, they sell sexy toys and associated things (what is that called? “Sex shop”? :thinking:).

I ordered something from them, and they shared my email address and my order with a third-party called Power Reviews, which sent me an email where all the links are over HTTP.

That means, though I did not agree to them using my email in any way outside our sales transaction, they shared my order history with a company that leaks this information all over the place.

WTF Good Vibrations?! I love your shop! We need sex-positive shops! Stop this marketing bullshit!

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When you sign up for a DigitalOcean account they automatically subscribe you to the following lists:

But we ought to expect this of DigitalOcean, since they also spam open source.

I just had to “adjust” spam preferences again on DigitalOcean. They suck at this.

Thinkcar Inc,, somehow got my address and constantly adds it to lists, and despite my countless email to Mailchimp, they continue to send me email.

I’m a pedestrian, I have no interaction with Thinkcar. :roll_eyes: