Contribute code to a text adventure using Inform 7

Judy wants to contribute code to Lizzard’s text adventure about The Mushroom Farm! It is called rhizome: GitHub - lizzard/rhizome and it is using this amazing code editor / IDE / framework / natural language processor / game engine called Inform:

[*] download inform7
[*] git clone
[*] set up keys again on computer and github
[ ] add to the README, like where to download inform7 and some basics about how to use it
[ ] submit pr
[ ] liz merges pr
[ ] contribute some actual code
[ ] link to the PR here, write down my thoughts about using inform7, and select that reply as the solution to this quest =)

If we get people on Talkgroup comfortable with Inform 7 we should have a game jam!


that would be so awesome! the tiny bit of time i’ve spent looking at inform has completely blown my mind. it saves all the steps you tried while playing and constructs a tree of possible options! it lets you write code in complete sentences! it constructs a map of your rooms! i can’t believe how wonderful this tool is!

It really is an amazing system that Graham Nelson and the interactive fiction community have managed to build. I was very heartbroken for a very long time that it was all proprietary; im so glad their finally liberating it.

I don’t think it gets the attention it deserves, in part because the final product isn’t as flashy as some but I find the whole thing crazy compelling.

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@judytuna, these are your next steps. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Heya folks, as part of digital gardening, I’ve noticed this quest has the most votes, but is kinda stalled. Therefore a couple of questions:

  1. Given Inform 7, are we still interested in contributing at this time? If so,
  2. Would this be better in #tech-support?

I’m down to mess with Inform, but I currently have no way to install it (based on visiting Downloads | Inform 7) so I’d like to stash this away or increment it elsewhere on talkgroup. :slight_smile:

Another thing would be to remove your vote! Click on the “Voted” button and revoke yours; I’m trying to use vote counts to prioritize.

I had messed around with it a tiny bit last year while physically next to lizzard, so maybe that counts as “contributing” to an Inform7 project.

I am still confused: when I “complete” a quest on Quest Board, does it refund the votes back to the people?

There may be an explanation at Moving completed quests to different/sub-category.

Basically, when a quest is done we move it to a different category, and that releases the votes. Quirky, because of how we use it. :slight_smile:

I suggest moving this to… #text-mode, #tuna, or #scitech.

Okay! I have moved it to #text-mode and updated the post to reflect that I have, in fact, set up keys on my computer and github account.

Enjoy your reclaimed votes, people =)

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