Creative MuVo TX FM

While we were discussing MP3 players and how hard they were to get music on them… it reminded me about this gem. It was in my desk drawer because I still use it!

Behold the Creative MuVo TX FM 1GB!

It came in three sizes.




I can’t recall the launch price for the various models, but I don’t think the 1GB was more than $120, which was a good deal in 2004.


  • 1 GB of storage holds up to 500 songs; plays back MP3, Windows Media Audio (WMA & WMA DRM), and Audible file formats
  • USB 2.0 interface lets you copy your music quickly
  • Built-in FM tuner lets you listen to your favorite radio station while you work out
  • Built-in microphone records up to 64 hours of high quality voice recording
  • Up to 18 hours of playback from one AAA battery

What was/is groundbreaking is how you put music on it…

It came apart and was just a frigging USB drive!!!

The colored part just stores the 1 AAA battery, which runs on rechargeables just fine. Since it’s just a usb drive, it works with EVERYTHING. I also loved the voice recording, I used to do a lot of that.

It also came with a clear case that had a clip on it (15 years has caused it to yellow a little bit). It’s very light.

Some more images:


That has a lot of clever designs going on!

I didn’t track it, but it reminds me of the modular phone thing Google was working on. I think it went bust, but that idea, it needs to happen.


I remember that line of Creative players!

I wanted one when they came out, but had trouble justifying the cash at the time; and by the time they came down in price, I think I had converted my music collection to ogg.

Me and MP3 Players felt like two ships passing in the night for a while. I had a Sansa I put Rockbox on at one point, but I think that was early Jony Ives era.