creepy crawly log

spiders and bugs and insects!

do you call this a roly-poly or a pillbug? both come to my mind.

if i’m gonna keep this up, i’m gonna need to scavenge up one of those magnetic smartphone camera macro lenses. all my photos of bugs are focused wrong.

cya later little friend

at grossout, just chilling near the hand-baskets

flying ants :ant: in our house over a period of several weeks

you can see the spider getting jacked over time. we consider it rent.

Spider is getting all the protein it needs.


I call it roly-poly!

I woke up this morning with a tiny bug (spider???) nestled in my hair. I was hoping, hoping it was just a skin scab as I tried to get it out, but it wasn’t :sob:

No picture, was too freaked out, oops.

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there are caterpillars everywhere!

same kind we’ve seen before:

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they’re furry and numerous. they hang from trees by a thin thread, like a spider, and they drop on to you. you can also see many of them at mosswood park. i remember them from last year; i saw one and thought it was cute at first, and then i realized the whole sidewalk was covered in them, and then i looked up and saw a multitude of them hanging in the air all around us, and then my roommate said there was one on my hoodie and one in my hair. everything’s cute until there are too many.

a different kind:

just now i saw a black and orange butterfly but it left before i could get close enough for a picture.

yo i am legit terrified by this spider

seriously i’ve never seen anything like this before

it is furry. black with two red stripes. the abdomen(?) is pretty big and bulbous. it almost looks like a ladybug. it is horrifying. please help me.

i am guessing it dislikes the paparazzi

i opened the window hoping it would just leave but instead a bunch of other small bugs flew in. this spider just lives here now. it’s fine

That spider is horrifying. I am not sure I can come to your house again.

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yeah i think i have to move across the country now

i caught it.

what should i do

does C want it for like education? like taxonomy? we could identify it? i dunno? @maiki, @susan ? ever since you mentioned gardening and education, now i see everything as a Teachable Moment

ok i put the container outside. i think i’m going to rearrange all my furniture and not sleep by the window anymore. my skin is full of goosebumps and i feel so afraid haha

i put it on this website i just found.

let’s see what happens!

ok seriously i am going to cut down all the bamboo that’s planted right up against the house by my windows because I DON’T WANT ANY MORE BUGS IN MY BED

i even have a screen for my smaller window! and i usually don’t open my bigger one. =(((((((((

Ahahahaha that’s so upsetting

I love that this is a website

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Though, I get wasps, like sometimes multiple per day, do you think that’s better or worse? :thinking:

We’ll pass! I think the teachable moment is to sleep with flame and blade at your disposal.

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…yes :face_with_monocle:

my friend suggests the red-backed jumping spider!

it does look like the female picture.

:fire: :crossed_swords:

The chelicerae of both sexes are of a shining teal color.

i did not get close enough to observe shining teal. the article on chelicerae is fascinating. fangs are like hypodermic needles.

In 2012, NASA sent an individual of this species into space.


Cannibalism does occur from time to time, in the form of females feeding on males.

today i learned


let’s play count the caterpillars:

i turned the cat grass to spray water into it on all sides. when i looked at my hand there was a spider on it. i sprayed it back onto the cat grass because shrug

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i put on my glasses and this was thr first thing i saw directly above my face on the ceiling.