Crip Queer Stuff (disability justice resource list)

Crip Queer Stuff:

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June 7, 2020: Disabled folks organized and led a more accessible protest. ID: A number of folks walking and in wheelchairs hold Black Lives Matter signs. Many have bandanas or masks. They are of various races. source

Crip Queer Stuff


A list of links to media by or for queer and/or trans and sick and/or disabled people. Every link, unless otherwise stated, is made by or linked to someone who is BOTH queer and/or trans AND sick and/or disabled.

#BlackLivesMatter so all links that go to work by Black folks are highlighted pale yellow.

Support Black queer sick & disabled folks by buying their stuff, supporting their work, sending them $$ and not asking them to hold or respond to white questions, guilt, or defensiveness.

Compiled by Hester (white, transmasc, autistic, disabled, I’m on twitter)

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(This is starting to make the rounds which while I’m excited about I did not expect! Per a suggestion made to me I am actively looking for Black SDQT collaborators for this doc please request access or email me if this is you.)

Word Choice

I’m using the word “Crip” - paraphrasing from Elizabeth Chandler’s “Cripping Community” article linked below - to refer to people who love disability, think it’s hot, and don’t wanna kill or cure it. I’ve also heard that it connotes a certain political-ness. Disability as a political identity, as a place from which to get radicalized. I don’t have a source for that idea right now. Oh, also, crip is a reclamation of the word cr*pple, which is a slur. Don’t use crip for someone else unless they’ve asked you to. More on ableism in language on Autistic Hoya’s blog here.

Whose work gets included?

I’ve included works by people who explicitly name (in their bios or content) illness, pain, chronic conditions, d/Deafness, or disability and am inclusive of mental, physical, visible or invisible illness and disability. I’ve included works by people who name themselves in their bios or content as queer, trans, bisexual, gay, lesbian, pansexual, or use any other terms that identify them as being a part of the LGBTQIAPP+ community. I try to link only to public profiles.


I’ve been prioritizing linking to media that describe and build on disability justice. “Disability justice also acknowledges that “ableism helps make racism, christian supremacy, sexism, and queer- and transphobia possible” and that all those systems of oppression are intertwined.” (linked wikipedia article, citing Care Work by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha).

I also look for links that follow the social model of disability (one where it is understood that it is society that is disabling, not our bodies). This of course gets complicated for folks with certain kinds of fatigue, pain, or other situations where a medical model of disability may also be relevant.

Everyone, regardless of fatigue or pain level, communication style, motor function, etc… deserves access to community, family, media, communication, food, home, fun, support, sex (if they want it), & interdependence. Most of what bars us from accessing any of this is not our bodies but an ableist, anti-black, racist, settler/colonialist, imperialist, increasingly fascist, trans-antagonistic and queer-antagonistic society.

How’d you organize the links?

Links are listed in alphabetical order, more or less, and organized by “type” (articles, books, social media pages etc.). This is not a “Definitive Guide™”. Just a list of things I’ve read or want to read, social media profiles I follow and learn from, and organizations and groups I know of that are run by or prominent leadership of queer and trans sick and disabled folks. It will be forever updated/updating. Any additions (plug yourself!) are welcome.


Some starting places

10 Principles of Disability Justice, Sins Invalid - Sins Invalid

An open letter to White disability studies and ableist institutions of higher education, Angel L. Miles, Ph.D., Akemi Nishida, Ph.D., Anjali J. Forber-Pratt, Ph.D. - Disability Studies Quarterly

Accessing competent care is another hurdle Black folks shouldn’t have to navigate, Amber Butts - BlackYouthProject

Black #Disability History” Brad Lomax, Black Panther - Revolutionary Black Nationalism and Disability Power, Bradley Lomax - Lead on Network

Disability Justice, a working draft, Patty Berne - Sins Invalid

Disability Solidarity: Completing the “Vision for Black Lives, Patricia Berne, Kylie Brooks, Neal Carter, Patrick Cokley, Candace Coleman, Dustin Gibson, Timotheus Gordon, Jr., Keri Gray, Christopher DeAngelo Huff, Cyree Jarelle Johnson, Lorrell D. Kilpatrick, Carolyn Lazard, Talila A. Lewis, Leroy F. Moore, Jr., Vilissa Thompson, Alexis Toliver, Heather Watkins - Harriet Tubman Collective

General Articles

Changing the Framework: Disability Justice, Mia Mingus - Leaving Evidence

Cripping Community, Eliza Chandler - nomorepotlucks

Crisis makes clear who can afford to survive (and who cannot), Amber Butts - BlackYouthProject

Disease is not a metaphor, Cyree Jarelle Johnson - BGD

Disability in an Ableist World, Lydia Brown - Autistic Hoya

Freedom for Some Is Not Freedom for All, Alice Wong - Disability Visibility Project

Feeling the Weight: Some Beginning Notes on Disability, Access and Love, Mia Mingus - Leaving Evidence

My life is more disposable during this pandemic, Elliot Kukla - NYT

No one is obligated to remain: Consent, agency & supporting loved ones who want to let go, Amber Butts - RaceBaitr

Separation From The Black Community Since Slavery: Black Disabled Folks, Leroy Moore - Poor Magazine

Toward a Crip-of-Color Critique: Thinking with Minich’s “Enabling Whom?”, Jina B Kim - Lateral

Yup. Non-profit culture and performative activism perpetuate ableism and anti-Blackness, Amber Butts - Black Youth Project

On Media

Finding Dory, Disability Culture, and Collective Access, Alice Wong - Disability Visibility Project

This ‘Raising Dion’ story-line is a powerful lesson on consent, disability and possession, Amber Butts - RaceBaitr

A Mutant from Planet Cripton, An Origin, Alice Wong - Nerds of Color


Accessibility in the Arts: A Promise and a Practice, Carolyn Lazard - Recess New York

Ableism/Language, Lydia Brown - Autistic Hoya

Interviews and Portrait Pieces

Anita Cameron Discusses Race, Disability, Sexuality, and Being a Woman, Dominick Evans interviewing Anita Cameron - Crip Crusader

Krip-Hop Nation’s Leroy F. Moore Jr. is a born fighter, Denise Sullivan - SF Examiner

Meet Lilac Maldonado, Ducky Jones, Sade Musa, Laurent Corralez and Nami Hatfield - Voyage LA

Stacey Milbern, a Warrior for Disability Justice, Dies at 33, Neil Genzlinger - NYT

What Disability Justice Activist Stacey Park Milbern Taught us, Devin Katayama interviewing Andraéa Lavant - KQED


#HashtagActivism: Networks of Race and Gender Justice, Sarah J. Jackson, Moya Bailey, Brooke Foucault Welles - Charis Books and More

All the Weight of Our Dreams: On Living Racialized Autism, - amazon

Black Disabled Art History 101, Leroy Moore - University Press

Brilliant Imperfection: Grappling with Cure, Eli Clare - Duke University Press

Care Work: Dreaming Disability Justice, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha - Arsenal Pulp

Cancer Journals, Audre Lorde - indiebound

Disability Visibility: First Person Stories from the Twenty-First Century, Alice Wong - Penguin Random House

Fading Scars: My Queer Disability History, Corbett O’Toole - amazon

More Than Organs, Kay Ulanday Barrett - Sibling Rivalry Press

Medecine Stories, Aurora Levins Morales - Duke University Press

Never Coming Home, Tyler Vile - Bookshop

Octavia’s Brood, Walidah Imarisha, adreinne maree brown (featuring stories by Mia Mingus and Leah Lakshmi Piepzna Samarasinha) - bookshop

The Pretty One: On Life, Pop Culture, Disability, and Other Reasons to Fall in Love with Me, Keah Brown - indiebound

Resistance and Hope: Essays by Disabled People, Alice Wong - Disability Visibility Project

Sick: A Memoir, Porochista Khakpour - bookshop

Surviving the Apocalypse Together, Elliot Fukui - MadQueer

Skin Tooth and Bone, Sins Invalid- 1st Edition (Free) - 2nd Edition ($7 to download)

Slingshot, Cyree Jarelle Johnson - Night Boat

Tender Points, Amy Berkowitz - Night Boat

Bodyminds Reimagined: (Dis)ability, Race, and Gender in Black Women’s Speculative Fiction, Sami Schalk - PDF or Duke Press (Dr. Schalk is a queer non-disabled ally. Also, while I’ve linked a free PDF, if you are white, please purchase this book.)


My Body Doesn’t Oppress Me, Society Does - Youtube (audio, captioning)

Ableism is The Bane of My Motherfuckin’ Existence - Youtube (audio, captioning)

Crip Camp - netflix (audio, captioning)

Happy Birthday Marsha - amazon prime (audio, captioning)

Inclusive Design SME series featuring Antoine Hunter - vimeo (audio, captioning, audio-only-descriptions, ASL)

Intersections of Disability Justice and Transformative Justice, Elliot Fukui, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha - youtube (audio, captioning)

Cripstory, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha - Youtube (audio, captioning, ASL interpretation)

Disability Justice Collective - CLPP Conference Presentation - youtube (audio, auto generated captioning)

Feel the Beat, Antoine Hunter - youtube (audio, captioning)

State Abuse Continues Against Black Disabled People 2020, Leroy Moore - youtube (audio, auto-generated captioning)

Rabbi Julia Watts Belser on Jewish Story, Crip Culture, and Disability Arts - contemporary jewish museum (audio, captioning)

Social Medias

This is not an exhaustive list, just a list of people I personally foumnd wandering about the interwebs. This list could be practically infinite. Plug yourself, your friends, your enemies, whoever! (email for additions and edits at the top of the doc). Edit: folks have begun to suggest specific people who I am adding.

Personal pages

Anita Cameron - twitter - website

Andraéa LaVant - Twitter

Dr. Angel Miles - Twitter

Antoine Hunter - website - twitter

Alice Wong - twitter

Annie Segerra - instagram - youtube - facebook

Aurora Levins Morales - website

Aaron Phillip - instagram - twitter

Amber Butts - twitter - facebook - medium

ashleigh j mills - Twitter - Instagram

Allie Cannington - twitter

Amy Berkowitz - website

Brunem Warshaw - instagram

Dr. Bianca Laureano - facebook - instagram

Brittany Wilson - Instagram

Cal Montgomery - facebook - website

Calvin Arium - instagram

Caleb Luna - instagram - twitter

Chella Man - instagram

Cory Silverberg - facebook - twitter - instagram - website

Cyree Jarelle Johnson - instagram - twitter - website

Corbette O’Toole - website

Coffee Spoonie - twitter

Dustin Gibson - website - twitter

The Disability Enthusiast - twitter

Devri Velásquez - Instagram -Twitter

Elliot Kukla - muck rack

Eli Clare - website

Erica Lupinacci - twitter - instagram

Elliot Fukui - website

Ethan Parker - facebook - website - instagram

Eva DoCouto Kane - instagram

Ericka Hart - instagram - twitter - podia - podcast

Imani Barbarin - twitter - website - facebook - instagram

India Harville - website - facebook - instagram

Inés Ixierda - instagram - etsy

Iris (DID system) - Twitter - patreon

Jillian Mercado - instagram

Joy Chaos - Twitter - Etsy

Jasi Brathwaite - Instagram

Johanna Hedva - instagram - website

Julia Bascom - twitter

Keah Brown - twitter - website - instagram - facebook

Kay Ulanday Barrett - instagram - website

Leroy Moore - facebook - instagram - website - twitter - youtube

Noel’le Longhaul - Instagram

Lydia X Y Z Brown - facebook - instagram - website

Lola Ursula - instagram

LB Lee - dreamwidth - - patreon

Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha - instagram - website - facebook

Lilo - Twitter

Nyle DiMarco - instagram

Mia Mingus - twitter - instagram - website

Mateo Guadalupe - instagram - etsy

Miss Major - instagram - facebook - website

Dr. Moya Bailey - website - twitter

Neve - instagram - patreon - website - facebook - twitter

Nomy Lamm - website

Redwoods - twitter - website

Ray Borene - Twitter

Rvby Allegra - instagram (personal) - instagram (art)

Riah Person - Twitter - Website - Youtube

Sonalee LCSW MEd - Instagram

Shawné Michaelain Holloway - Instagram - Website - Twitter

Syrus Marcus Ware - website - twitter

Shooglet - instagram - website

Sky Cubacub - instagram - facebook - website

Sharona - instagram - twitter

Sandie Yi - website

Tyler Vile - Website - Twitter - Facebook

TL Lewis - website - twitter - instagram - facebook

TransFat - Instagram

Tourmaline - instagram - twitter - website

Valerie - twitter

Void femme - Twitter

Vanessa Rochelle Lewis - instagram - facebook

Walela Nehanda - twitter - instagram - patreon

Meme / Community / Organization Pages

Access Centered Movement - instagram - facebook

Autistic Women and Nonbinary Network - website - facebook

Autistic Self Advocacy Network - website - twitter

Autistic People of Color Fund - Website - Facebook

Black Disability Collective - twitter - facebook group (open to black disabled people only)

Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective - website

Comrade Closet - instagram - website

Crip Camp Virtual Experience - website - twitter

Disability Justice Culture Club - facebook - instagram

Disability Solidarity - twitter

Deafies in Drag - facebook - instagram - youtube - website

Drag Syndrome - instagram - website

Disability Visibility Project - website - podcast - twitter

Disability Justice Collective - facebook (been inactive for a year or so)

Fat Lib Ink - instagram - website

Hot Crip - instagram

Healthy Multiplicity - website

Harriet Tubman Collective - twitter - tumblr

Krip Hop Nation - website - youtube

Lutte Collective - Instagram - Website

LA Spoonie Collective - facebook - website - instagram

Mask Oakland - instagram - twitter - website

Neuroqueer.nonsense - Instagram

Pls Don’t Touch My Cane - instagram

Poor Magazine - website - instagram - facebook

Queer Appalachia - instagram - facebook - website

Sick and Disabled Queers - facebook group (open to sick/ disabled queer/ trans people only)

Sins Invalid - website - twitter - instagram - facebook

Suffering the Silence - facebook - website - twitter

Trust Me I’m Sick - facebook - instagram - website - youtube

Urban Jazz Dance Company - website

YO Disabled and Proud - instagram - twitter - website

Further Readings on Disability

(no guarantee on if the authors of works listed are sick/disabled or queer/trans tho many are)

Disability Justice Reading List - Seattle Public Library

Disability Studies readings on intersections of disability and race - Google Doc (this one is super academy-y so, idk, just a warning lol)