CSA directory

Community Supported Agriculture is the idea of folks organizing around their food sources by supporting organizations that produce it.

I’d like a directory of CSA and related orgs in my area. What ought I look for in such a directory? What are important facts to know?

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Service area
Delivery or pickup
Veggies only, mix of cheese and milk, meat or no, etc?
Who the farmers are and where

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How do they normally show service areas? I’m thinking: how do we standardize that? Zip codes?

For pickup, a “service area” would include pickup points.

Since different pricing structures may be in place, do we do something like an introductory price comparison? A set of pricing tiers? Or just explain it as text, but not as a sorting mechanism (or both)>

Oh, product categories! :slight_smile:

For a database this is useful, for a community site this is amazing! We should do writeup for all the CSAs we use. :slight_smile:


Thanks for starting the list, I can work with this. :slight_smile:

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