Daily... things


Continuing the discussion from Learning Taskwarrior, one dream at a time:

I now have a reminder to log my daily activities, and I was wondering how to best do that. I keep personal notes on things as they come up, so I don’t need to share secrets. I want to keep a public log of activity, so I can drop it in the same database as the rest of this nonsense, and also serendipity.

Anyhow, you know what I am talking about? I used this Basecamp feature where they let middle managers send out fascist big brother check-in emails with employees in lieu of human-to-lizard-people contact. And I just set it up for me, personally, so I’d have a searchable database for future employees to find what I was doing and when.

My thinking is: we make a category with a dedicated bot user that posts on a schedule. Dailies, weeklies, whatevs. Anyhow, they post an auto-generated topic for that duration, and it is tagged and all that. That way, folks can subscribe to the category however they want, or maybe by tag. They can choose to be notified only on the site, or maybe be emailed when a new topic is posted.

That appeals to me, because I’d like to see my task, check my mail, reply to the message and mark it as complete.

It actually makes for a lot of interesting prompts, and I am just going to use a cron and webhook to generate the posts, so anything that can be scripted can be used to generate topics. Let me know if you’re thinking of something interesting!

If you’ve read The curious ecosystem of interi publishing then you can see this is a form of daily logging with emergent players, which will then produce more interesting documentation for future generations. Also, we get to check in with each other, and that is the more important thing because we’re in this together. :slight_smile: