Discontinue Changelog, but not really

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Continuing the discussion from Making a website: talkgroup:

Currently we have Changelog - talkgroup.

Things change all the time. This is where we talk about those things.

Basically, here is a list of changelog messages, created by the folks that care about such things. Normally a person will have a beat, but anyone can post a new changelog: just share the announcement link, or write it up if a project doesn’t have a blog (make sure to mock them in the process).

Aside from the announcement link, you might also add in something you are excited or disappointed about. That is the real conversation starter. Be bold. Help your fellows stay informed! And learn about new things that are changing that you didn’t even know about. :slight_smile:

That’s fine and all, but folks don’t post there often, and we have other places that might make more sense, such as #webcraft and #scitech.

I’d bulk move them into the categories that make sense, and delete the category. Thoughts? :slight_smile:

Ha, didn’t think I’d start documenting talkgroups by shutting one down!



i thought changelog was for just intericrafts!



Nah, each thing gets a talkgroup or has a natural living place. #changelog was for external things I’m tracking. Except I tend to deep dive, and those end up in #interi.

I’m setting a precedent that we should justify big actions, such as deleting a category. This is low stakes, but it is important to think about how we handle this.

Important to note: all the content will remain, just in different “buckets”. :slight_smile:



I don’t think I quite groked that changelog was for interesting things happening in external projects myself.

Honestly with that new understanding, id be more apt to use it.



Ha, alright nerds! Will ya’ll help me write a better explanation for the category? Or ask for further clarification we can add. :slight_smile:

intericrafts are psychomediation arts used to manipulate quanta, and won’t be referenced as such for at least 400 years, so keep a pin on that, please. :face_with_monocle:



BTW, I like what we do with #logs, where someone starts it, and other comment. Don’t know if that behavior is easy to explain or encourage.

I was trying to capture that spirit here, while being pragmatic enough to not freak people out (“if I post one changelog, am I obligated now?”).



By all means keep the changelog name, but I think the description should be less about capturing the changelog itself and more about things of note relevant to Talkgroup in the changelog.

I was thinking something like this post from a few weeks back might be good fodder there for example (if my thinking is correct). OpenSSH 8 will have Quantum-Computing Resistant Key Exchange



I think you put that where I’d expect.

Here’s some more thoughts, let’s look at the most recent 10 posts, and where I’d put them:

Same page. And I think it makes more sense to use other categories.

But! Let’s see how it gets used. I have like, six more category slots I can spare (that’s a joke, we have INFINITETAXONOMIES).

@trashHeap I’m gonna be bold and strategically change ownership of a particular post. :slight_smile:



If thats the case your right, and we don’t need the category?

Err… id be more inclined to take it, if I was groking its purpose and youve convinced me its not needed.

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Could not figure out how to change ownership back. Based on Discourse screenshots I don’t have that permission. Archived the topic about page for the time being.


But that didn’t seem to do anything.

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@maiki gimme a clue what you want me to do here instead of liking my posts in silence. Giving me ownership of content I didn’t author and don’t have any clue what to do with isn’t fun. Its like a memetic itch I can’t scratch.



Sorry, I try not to type with my thumbs, been afk all day. I was gonna read this thread and act this evening. I need a non-mobile interface to bulk select posts, I think, and I can’t ever find the admin panel (which has the ownership thing).

I believe I’m the only one that can delete the category, and when last I had admin interface I didn’t know if you’d need to change the text. “Ownership” of the description posts are something I haven’t been concerned with.

This is my roundabout way of saying I am merely being inattentive. No head games or anything. :slight_smile:

I am quick to enable others, and slow to make decisions. I wasn’t gonna declare and delete a category in less than a week of deliberation.

What this also teaches me is that I don’t really understand your moderation interface, and should be more cognizant of casually suggestion action.

So please work me a little linger while we figure this out. :slight_smile:

I have a slight issue on my end: it always seems like I get feedback from @tim, @judytuna, or @trashHeap. I get affirmation from the others, either a :heart: or maybe jabber message.

It works, low stakes and all. But I’m trying to encourage transparency, inclusiveness, etc. Imagine a community that has issues, and what you’d do to change/prevent that from happening.

I’m afraid I’m messing up and noone will notice or care or tell me.

Another way of saying it is: I’m having a difficult time spiritually, carrying talkgroup. I want to share power, defensively, preemptively.

To do so I’d like to turn over admin/mod access to folks, particularly you three peeps.

You folks want to get a bit more serious here, and help me build a thing?


The Admin-ing

i do! you can see cuz i’ve been inviting people i like ^^

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No problem. I just thought you were hinting something I ought to be doing at me, and Talkgroup remains my only exposure to Discourse, so I was feeling like I was missing something. Sometimes its admin widgets are not as intuitive to me, as id like.

I wouldn’t mind lending a hand especially when it comes to organizing and moderating talkgroup, especially along areas where ive got knowledge.

There are aspects of community building im honestly bad at or don’t grok well so im probably not the best one to say, build up Talkgroup. But I dig talkgroup and I like organizing things, and you’ve succesfully convinced me to hang around the place and organize things when it suits me as is. So it kinda just feels like a natural extension of whatever trust level im at right now.



You posted just as I started that other thread. :slight_smile: Yeah, it sometimes feels special to know the ins and outs of Discourse, but it is elitist and I think relatively few people are supposed to know how to admin an instance.

Aside: FOSS training! :face_with_monocle:

Also, thanks. :heart:



Im a rambler. I come from a long line of ramblers; and was raised by a tribe of very opinionated people. I can easily be too verbose on the right topic. I have to work at being quiet sometimes when I suspect I need to make verbal space for others.

That being said im naturally an introvert too. So if im speaking up it means youve made me feel comfortable and I find what your saying engaging.

Good job. :+1:

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