Discourse has an API for updating single topics, adding messages, etc.

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You can do a bunch of things with it, and it is kinda documented at https://docs.discourse.org/, though the general idea is to reverse engineer it.

I wanted to mention it to @trashHeap concerning Pellucidar Bestiary and @tim concerning TNG gifs..

I’m keeping notes at maiki scratches, because I can move post from there into their own threads, when and if I need to. I was thinking of making a little web widget to sit as a dedicated app/browser thing on my mobile homescreen. You can literally make a static HTML file with the API key in it, and include a form that posts to the site. That’s what I’m thinking for my case.

Aside: I should cross post Mastodon into a single thread! Generates an email/rss subscription option, while making it easier to manage and expand on!

I don’t know how ya’ll are getting your resources to share, but it would be cool to use greasemonkey or webextention to validate a topics, or use the data storage here in a new, abstracted way, and interact with it like that. Like, “highlight this object on the page, share to my topic at ‘TNG gifs’”. It’s pretty hackable!

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i add links to my pinboard with a browser bookmarklet that’s just a little form in a pop-up window. it’s be cool to have that for The Linkery!

omg, should i request a … link repo forum …??

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… what is that …?? :slight_smile:

It is funny you posted here, as I have a note here telling me to revisit this. I have nothing to add at the moment, but I’d like to have a customizable bookmarklet snippet for these kinds of things.