Discourse, in three profiles

I’m going to be talking about Discourse a lot in a short while, and I’ll be referring to three profiles of Discourse instances, and how various concepts, settings, and practices apply to each.

A friendly Discourse is one focused on folks hanging out. It is like a club, just folks talking and collaborating, no real agenda aside from a place to be online. It is open registration, inclusive.

A worky Discourse is one focused on a work. It could be a passion, a job, or something in between. It is like a coworking space, where folks come to progress an agenda and communicate with others. It can be open or invite-only, generally exclusive to stakeholders.

A personal Discourse is single-user. It is for over-achievers that use complex web software to solve simple problems, but they really like the web interface and take a misanthropic view on email, so here are… It is as closed as can be, which isn’t really a Discourse feature.

There are obviously other profiles out there:

  • Customer Support
  • Professional Networking
  • “Community” attached to “something”

Etc. But I’m gonna focus on my three because they are profiles I use, and also those others don’t really activate me. We’ll start with these, and branch out as needed. :slight_smile:

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