Discourse plugins to geek out

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Here are plugins I thought would be neat on talkgroup, as I was researching for another project (some of these are already on):

  • solved
  • canned replies
  • calendar
  • data explorer
  • sitemap
  • tooltips
  • topic voting
  • checklist
  • assign
  • saved search

Major updates, so I added some plugins for the build; interesting aside: Discourse git clones plugins and then builds it all together and compiles assets so the site is relatively fast compared to on the fly rendering.

Anyhow, all the plugins I listed above are added, except “sitemap”. Folks were complaining about issues with it, and it isn’t something I feel strongly about. Honestly, search engines can go fuck themselves, I’m not worried. :slight_smile:

The checklist plugin wasn’t working, so I dug around and I installed an older version, which provided the basis of the current one. Then I had to rebuild the site. Anyhow, checkboxes work now.


If your boxes don’t check, re-save the post. That ought to do it. :slight_smile: