Discover... Atlas Shrugged

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I’ve been running through thought experiments to expose myself to ideas I am habitually cut off from. Like a personal empathy/privilege bootcamp.

Anyhow, I got to thinking, I have lists of the lists of books I want to read, but I don’t list one I do not want to read.

Atlas Shrugged.

I don’t have such a terrible association with this book that I hate it or anything. It was just the first to pop in my head of books I didn’t feel compelled to read. Tank gawd it was 50 Shades!

Anyhow, why? Because so many fuckers mention this book, it is like a god damn cult tome. Weird people, ya know? And Rand eirself, very interesting, but not all that compelling.

Also, Bioshock was kinda boring for me, and completely unfairly, I layer that critique on Atwell Sendhelp as well, despite Rand not in fact being a producer of that game.

So here is a very small concession that I have more to read outside my comfort zone, and maybe Atlast Surrender will prove insightful into the sick minds of elected American officials.