Discover Basic Fantasy RPG

  • It’s entirely open/free content.
  • Books are distirbuted in PDF and as ODF for remixability.
  • Dead tree editions are made available print on demand at cost.
  • It appears to be a streamlined take on D&D Basic but still has the modern species / class separation and ascending armor class.
  • Has lots of free modular expansions to expand it out into whatever play-style one needs.
  • The creator seemingly is progressive and nice; which has been in short supply with D&D clones lately.
  • Creator has a hard stance on not making any suppliments mandatory / no edition breaks, just errata revisions. With main documents continously updated for errata revisions.
  • It’s been around for a while so its seems pretty error free.

Old School Hack is a free, non-commercial roleplaying game, which you should feel free to expand upon by writing your own content or supplements.

I used this a while ago, and liked.

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Maybe we should have a D&D clones thread with all their pros/cons/attributes documented out maiki style?

Indipedently I’m kinda privately surveying a few clones; because im trying to take some barometer readings while im at it, which ones are presided over by decent human beings and which ones are not. Their have been a few high profile creators lately who have turned out to be less than great human beings. Im trying to build a mental catalog of which rule sets to point people to and which to avoid on that basis.

That being said the folks behind Old School Hack seem froody.

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The mundane decisions that make Mediawiki such a pain

We have a quest for that, too: Discover Old School Hack