Discover Buddy (CI/CD server)

Continuing the discussion from Process the DO apps:

In recent years I’ve thought more and more about CI/CD servers as I’ve shifted to building static sites (Hugo) over database-driven, rendered-in-time systems (WordPress).

I have a good system with WordPress, using webhooks and automated importing; I can do a lot with WordPress, but all I really want is to update text files on a CDN infrequently. But also not have to think about it.

As in: I find a typo, I track it down as the text file on my lappy, fix, commit, push, and then I don’t want to think about it. Because these are simple processes, and it can always jabber me when it fails.

Anyhow, that’s why I’m interested in Buddy. I’d like to know more about the warez, and the license, etc. So warez page will do it for me. :slight_smile: