Discover Console Wars (book)

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@trashheap says it is the Sega POV, which is both a flag and refreshing; Nintendo often feels like the Disney of console gaming, so knowing the slant is useful to explore the topic.

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Specifically Sega of America. I mention this because the book explores the odd and sometimes tense relationship between Sega of America and Sega of Japan too. It tells a few stories and facts which don’t entirely line up with Sega of Japan’s side of the story. Like the bizarre tale of the removal of Sonic’s draft human girlfriend Madonna from Sonic the Hedgehog lore.

That slant became very interesting to me as I parsed the book.

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Oh, cool! I almost wrote Sega of America (as an internet pedant, I like that level of company specificity!), but I actually thought it wouldn’t matter. But I was wrong, and that is even more interesting!

On one hand I wish more people would pay attention to the companies we interact with. On the other hand, who has the time?!

Still, I love me some nostalgic drama, amirite? :slight_smile:

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That is kinda what the book is about in a way. Successfully enough that there is some scuttlebutt of a live action mini series.