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Continuing the discussion from ActivityPub panel, FOSDEM 2019:

Funkwhale is a modern, self-hosted, free and open-source music server

This is definitely on my roadmap. I’m waiting, not just for it to stablize and be easy to install, but also to wait and see if it makes sense for us to spin up a group instance, or if this should be segregated/federated along different lines.

There is a lot of music I’d like to explore, and funkwhale seems like a great tool to collaborate with others.

There is a demo at Password and login are also demo.

Tagging @judytuna, considering If a track is only on Soundcloud, what can be done? - #5 by judytuna. :sunglasses:

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ah, i get the badge “didn’t search before posting” !

well, it has an incredibly cute logo!

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Someone can create a quest to spin up an instance. Not sure I’m the target audience; I prefer to track down hidef tracks.

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