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Continuing the discussion from Discover Friendica:

I recall this being the rebrand of StatusNet, of which I was kinda active in.

Why do folks think of fascism and GNU Social?


From what I gather the Status.Net community had and have weak moderation, in part because of their community was smaller than Mastodon’s for a long time and they waned when Indentica dropped OStatus & Status.Net; and aslo in part because many instances reject moderation or have radicaly open definitions of free speech (In the hacker libertarian definition of say ESR). This lead a lot of their instances ripe for undesirables who get chased off of mastodon; which on average seems to have a better moderation game and community codes of conduct; though not always.

This has given GNU Social a bad name in some corners (but not all) in the Fediverse. As it’s community is seen as often catering to and therefore courting fascists that have been evicted from other corners of the fediverse. Their really though conflating the server software and the platform with those communities however.

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