Discover Headspace

Headspace is a game about corporate espionage and dealing with shared emotional trauma in a dystopian, cyberpunk world. Alone, you don’t stand a chance. Together, you can overcome your demons.

This system allows players to share skills, but also disadvantages from hanging in each others’ heads… I think. Never played it.

However, they just released 7 cyberpunk settings (Headspace: Dystopian Dreams - Green Hat Designs |, so maybe something to look at. :slight_smile:

Oh, and I have all of these books (crowdfunder) and am wiling to run a game.

Three goals:

  1. Create game page for Headspace
  2. Read-along writeup of core book
  3. Create quest to run a Headspace game in Oakland, afk. Play Headspace in Oakland

I’d like to run a game online, but I’ve read most of the core book, and am not sure I grok the shared feedback system enough to run it online. But maybe after I get an in person campaign going… :slight_smile: