Discover liberation theology

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One of my favorite religion professors in my first go round in College was from that school of thought.

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I’ve heard very few negative things about early college religion professors, including my very own that was so great!

My theory… oh, I said it:

People who experience religion through a non-superstitious lens often produce interesting results. Like teaching a new generation the appreciation of shared culture, or aligning with the values of the people in your community.

I’d like to know more about this so I can learn the spiritual lessons I avoid by proximity. I am intolerant of “religion”, in almost every context. I consider it a personal experience, and resent oppression hiding behind complex social structures.

Some liberation theologians, however, including Gustavo Gutiérrez, had been barred from attending the Puebla Conference. Working from a seminary and with aid from sympathetic, liberal bishops, they partially obstructed other clergy’s efforts to ensure that the Puebla Conference documents satisfied conservative concerns. Within four hours of the Pope’s speech, Gutiérrez and the other priests wrote a 20-page refutation, which was circulated at the conference, and has been claimed to have influenced the final outcome of the conference. According to a socio-political study of liberation theology in Latin America, a quarter of the final Puebla documents were written by theologians who were not invited to the conference.

That inspires me so much! And those folks were interacting with the same org as I, with so much more at stake, to document a good plan, I feel I owe it to myself to benefit from their wisdom and carry it forward.

Also, Oakland has a lot of cool churches, and liberation theology has history here.

Fun note: I have a bachelors degree worth of philosophy/relgion studies under my belt and when I was much younger almost went to a seminary.

I’m still feeling a little low energy. Just saying though, I can chatter on a lot of such subjects if you wanna prompt me again in the future.

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That connects a lot of pieces for me: I can see why we get on. :slight_smile: