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Are these supposed to be discussion threads or just reminders for the OP to delve into something?

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May I move your question to #meta? This would help everyone, I’m sure. :slight_smile:

Yep, sounds good!

The quest topics are wiki pages, and comments are like a talk page, so whatever it becomes. As people climb in trust level they gain the ability to split off or combine threads, so we kinda let that handle itself. Very loosey-goosey.

My expectation, which I am sharing right now for the first time, is that folks will define how they want their quest to go. I like chaos, random commenters, collisions and splits. Helps me think.

That means I don’t have a personal interest to define it any more than that. But each person should be able to, and I think practically folks get a feel for how to talk to one another. I mean, the #quest-board is so weird, either a bold person will come in and get what they need done by telling what they need and seeing how it lands, or someone will know who they are questing with, and will adapt.

Thoughts? :slight_smile:

I think that’s great, that’s what I was hoping your intention was. I was writing up a long comment on the AC 3 quest thread and got nervous that I was not being on point.

We’ll have some guiding aspirations, and one of them will be something like, “be bold, we’ll fix it in post!” :slight_smile:

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Don’t know where else to make this point, this seems as good a place: our knowledge is more important than media.

Video games fall into two wide categories:

  1. Stories
  2. Brain manipulation

The latter being things like dopamine, relaxation, rehabilitation. I’m not against it (but note it is something to be wary of and intentional about), but it seems religious to me: a deeply personal experience that can be shared, but not experienced with another, exactly.

Meaning, I relax when I play Bejeweled, and maybe you do too. We can chat about it, but there isn’t much there.

Sharing stories is how we took over the planet, it is why we think we are above “animals”. And it happens to be a shortcut to transmit data through human psychology. I think game discussion is an excellent human activity, literally group-processing of “play” which is super valuable!

I like to think that when we have questions of whether something is “on topic” or appropriate, we’d think, “if I were have a group discussion and was inspired to steer the conversation towards this fun/amazing/disturbing/frustrating/life-changing thing, I’d want to jump in and say it!”

And of course we use internet magic, so our conversations don’t even follow the normal rules of space-time… cool stuff. :slight_smile:

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