Discover Yunohost

Investigate if it is able to meet my homeserver needs.

  • DLNA
  • NFS Shares
  • Syncthing Support
  • Bittorrent Client
  • AirSonic ( or some alternative )
  • Streama ( or some alternative )

See if it adds niceties that would be difficult on FreeBSD

  • LibreOffice Online or something similar.

Decide if it will be lower effort than current FreeBSD homeserver.

  • Not sure if this is really knowable without actually trying Yunohost in the long haul.

Decide if it is actually lower effort than a vanilla GNU/Linux homeserver.

  • Not sure if this is really knowable without actually trying Yunohost in the long haul.

If all or the above are true migrate / rebuild homserver with Yunohost.
Possibly move homeserver to lowerpowered zotac machine at the same time.
Figure out new backup strategy for Yunohost.

One of my ZFS raid drives has begun to fail. Luckily, its a ZFS mirrored raid, one of the safest configurations I could think of. But still.

So I need to either get serious about this quest, or just get serious about rebuilding the home server. As also a lot of it’s hardware is showing it’s age. The power button isn’t reliable, etc, etc.

It has most of everything I am using now with a couple of substitutions.

The biggest gotcha for me is no direct analog to streama. Both Ampache and Airsonic support video. But im not sure I need it per se.

I mostly watch video off the device via DLNA or NFS. Streama was an experiment and mostly used by my family to download videos from me, not to watch live. So it could be replaced by a FTP server if needed.

No LibreOffice per se but they do have packages for Only Office which appears to be some sort of AGPL clone of LibreOffice online that ALSO has NextCloud integration. I am not entirely convinced I would use it, but it might be nice to have as an option.

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I evaluated the zotac box I have and bought a new harddisk for it.

I am leaning toward’s trying out Yunohost’s built in backup mechanism on a cron job to some sort of external drive. (No room in the Zotac box for a software raid.)

Got a YunoHost server home server setup, though im still tweaking applications on it. I do have NextCloud Integrated with OnlyOffice on it.

Backup strategy (now that I can confirm where all the files actually are). Is to use the YunoHost built in backup mechanism, but then do a second layer of redundancy, by making those backups covered by a borgbackup rotation.

Will be migrated individual devices to borgbackup aswell, and demphasizing “syncthing all the things” as a redundancy plan. May consider syncthing still on a case by case bases where syncing when the homeserver is unreachable is still desireable.

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Have you tried Only Office at all yet?

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I have, but mostly experimentally. Not for serious work. Seems to edit odf/odt/ods files just fine. Ill be putting it through some more serious paces soon. Seems to default to docx / xlsx though which would be my biggest criticism. It was however the easiest of the two to get working out of the box. Yunohost made it nearly a one click install. I basically had to point it to the domain or path I wanted it installed to, and specify my Nexctcloud instance I was linking it too. Though I had to reboot the server after it installed before it seemed to work right.

The only bit I had to do in Nextcloud was install the only office addon and tell it where my onlyoffice instance was.

Not sure why Collabora wouldn’t do the same for me. Its packaged similarly for yunohost. Though there seems to be some gnashing of teeth in the yunohost github for that app. The yunohost package might be glitched right now.

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