Do you ever see Red Dawn? What did you think?

Are you implying something in global news makes you afear military and/or malicious aircraft use?

It’s more of an irrational anxiety I get, and have had from youth. Something about a plane flying low over where I live makes me itch to check the news to see if anybody has declared war on us recently.

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Did you ever see Red Dawn as a kid (the original)? What did you think? :slight_smile:

Lately I’ve been idly thinking about how I “identify”. One thing that popped in my head, which has immediate understanding to me, and may have overlap in others’ experience: I grew up in the Cold War.

Also, I’m one chapter into Kids These Days, and my mind keeps returning to the lessons, by decade, I’ve personally learned.

Your reference made me think of the kids in middle eastern countries that prefer overcast to clear skies, because it means no drones of death that day. I hold that story in my heart, in case I gain enough power to do something about it.

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I did see Red Dawn, though it was for a class of some kind. I remember thinking it was a bit silly, I was far enough removed from the Cold War that Russians-as-villains are more movie trope than a topic to take seriously for me.

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Same here. It’s definitely tempered my outlook on global events. During my formative years I was always worried about nuclear war. Low key mild concern at all times is my default mode now. Good news is that any bad news that comes up doesn’t really move my concern needle that much.

Red Dawn was a pretty big deal to me. It was like the story everyone was concerned was going to come about. The paratroopers landing during the teachers morning talk… using gun registration to round up all people + guns that could stage any sort of insurrection, etc. That stuff stays with me.

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