Does ADHD comics have an RSS feed?

Is it a twitter feed, or a site? Or let’s be honest: I’m looking for a well formed, full content RSS feed. :sunglasses: :+1:

it is a twitter thread. the artist replies to themself whenever they make a new comic. lemme see if there’s a way to pull just the thread (and not their general twitter feed, tho that would work too) as rss?

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I made a note to slurp that up eventually. That’s pretty neat! I appreciate that as a comic, but also as a public art performance. Personally, I find it touching, because I often feel like my primary way of coping is by talking aloud in hopes someone notices… :grimacing:

Hey, um… Discover RSS-Bridge! :sunglasses: We ought to have one, ne?

cool, it could do it for a user!

  • Twitter : Return keyword/hashtag search or user timeline


When @judytuna or others come upon a web comic that resonates with them, post it to #mediaclub, so we can discuss, or a more specific talkgroup if it makes sense. Then we can jump straight to the good stuff. :slight_smile: