Dota Underlords, an "auto-battler"

is what I’m playing! You can play via Steam on PC or Mac, and on iOS or Android. Cross-platform!

I hadn’t heard of “auto-battlers” until our old friend George explained it to me last month. It sprang out of custom maps for Dota 2, which of course is a successor to DotA, a

A year ago, people were calling the genre “auto-chess” not because it’s anything like chess but because there’s a board of squares and you position your army of units upon it. The “automatic” part comes from the units battling each other using no more than their built-in AI. You control which units to buy and which units to keep on your bench and which units to place on the board, as well as their starting positions, and then when a combat round starts, you just sit and watch the armies fight it out.

There’s an element of drafting, sort of, that’s not really a draft at all,

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I can’t decide if I want my MTG/Settlers of Catan mashup to be an autobattler or not. I want async multiplayer, so this might be the way to go…

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