Doug TenNapel creator of Earthwoem Jim is homophobic transphobic

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He is involved in many ongoing projects in the areas of handhelds and retrogames. I more or less want to document what im avoiding. I don’t want to forget later.

  • Amikrog - This is a game I had considered picking up at one point, glad I didn’t.
  • Untitled New Earthworm Jim launching exclusively for a new intellivision branded microconsole. I thought he was somehow directly involved with the console too, but im having trouble confirming it.
    • CEO of the current incarnation of Intellivision was on the original Earthworm Jim team and is a good friend of Doug TenNapel; thus my confusion. Makes me warry of that whole micro-console though in a new way.
  • The Evercade handheld is getting a port of the original Earthworm Jim, it is unclear if it involves him. Though he seems to own the Earthworm Jim IP these days so he is getting soemthing out of this. This will be physical media and bundled with several other games. Mainly because multicarts is seem to be the Evercade’s schtick.
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