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Release Notes

Inkscape 1.0

Released on May 1, 2020

Release highlights

Breaking changes

Breaking changes affect the following areas:


Live Path Effects

Using the Clone Original Live Path effect for interesting effects Adding measurements to an architectural drawing with the Measure Segments Live Path Effect Overview of the new experimental Live Path Effects A closed path with PowerStroke Live Path Effect and jumping width knot Boolean Operations Live Path Effect (experimental)


Aligning objects on canvas with a new set of handles Rotating the canvas Adjusting the filter region with handles on the canvas Split View mode


The new Multicolor icon set Switching themes on-the-fly

More New Functionalities

Vectorizing a line drawing with the centerline tracing option Searching for symbols in the Symbols dialog Drawing hair with the pressure-sensitive PowerPencil Flowing text into frames in selection order

Full Release Notes

The full release notes for Inkscape 1.0 can be found in the Wiki , or you can use the following list to jump directly to the feature / area that you are interested in most:

Yay! Congratulations to the inkscape team and everyone that gets to draw freely! :slight_smile:


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