Evan is pretty clever. Going by the moniker e14n, it would seem to be some kind of visual wordplay, but I've deduced the true meaning.

i18n is short for internationalization. a11y is short for accessibility. So what does e14n actually mean?

I've narrowed it down to electroreception, enterochromaffin and editorialization. Considering that Evan started releasing software under that moniker beginning with I've concluded that it is... all three!

It is obvious in reference to using a "stream server that does most of what people really want from a social network" to evolve folks' ability to perceive and digest the opinions of their peers being presented as fact on the internet.

Well played Evan, well played.

“e14n” is short for “ephemeralization”. It means “doing more with less”, “doing things smarter so you need fewer resources to do them”.

A good example is how we used to send a human messenger 100 miles to deliver a message. Then we figured out how to pass along a piece of paper with the same message on it from hand to hand to go the same distance. Now, we send electrical signals instantaneously for the same data. We got smarter and use less stuff to get the same job done.

Haha, I was being facetious! I thought it was evan with numbers. I didn’t know there had been a contest and all that. :slight_smile:

Guess I could have asked, if I used

Heh, and I somehow missed til now that evan with numbers works. I guess v = victory = 1. Welll played! :slight_smile: