ejo / -ej-

I’ve been poking at an old copy of “Teach Yourself Esperanto” and ive begun tripping over esperantos modular suffix structure.

The -ej- suffix is particularly pleasant because it denotes a place thats specifically for something.

hundo - dog
hundejo - kennel

It’s also pretty standard in esperanto though to suffix words with ‘ĉambro’ if talking about a room.

manĝas - eat
manĝoĉambro - dining room

One reason why I am rolling this around in my head is that common esperanto parlance is a little odd to me (and maybe in fact irregular) on when -ej- is preferred to ĉambro. I was musing earlier today on Mastodon that that banejo ( banas = bath )could be ambiguous for bathhouse or bathroom; and my text seems to prefer banejo over banĉambro. Even though the later is is also appropriate and more specific.

There is a rhythm here I suspect one just picks up through practice but it’s kinda neat to catch it and poke at it from the outside.

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