elementary OS installation

Installing elementary OS on a Dell M3800 today.

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It’s such a pretty experience, elementary OS!

Downloaded the disk image, but for the world couldn’t find an SD card! I suspect I’ve hidden them somewhere for “protection”.

Anyhow, cleared d off photos from camera and writing disk image now.

Gotta say, “Startup Disk Creator” gets the job done. Even on first launch it selected the image and the disk automatically, causing me to halt to ensure everything was legit. Nice.

The laptop needed to charge, and I now realize that this machine can’t boot directly from an SD card. So after getting it booted, I fill out the install wizard, but nothing ever happens. Like, the wizard just doesn’t do anything. Hmmm.

Tried it again without any wifi or downloads happening. I can do that after first boot (because I keep a cat cable nearby!). Files are copying… :slight_smile:

Aww yeah. Elementary OS is pretty good. I really liked it when I used it last.

Haven’t really gotten into it yet, but the base install and WiFi drivers are installed. Susan is using it, so we’ll see in the next fortnight if it is a keeper. :slight_smile:

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Is this your first experience with elementary OS?

Nope. I was one of the earliest users, and stopped using it before it got cool. :slight_smile:

Ya know, I will contribute a lot to that generic UNIX guide. I’ve used just about every distro, and have notes on all of them (across my hard drives).

I’m gonna split this off and start a thread about why I don’t like elementaryOS, but why I installed it for Susan.