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Continuing the discussion from steps i took to spin up a new discourse instance at on digitalocean:

I don’t have time to become an expert on everything. There are so many fun things to be an expert on, I focus on those. But ya’ll think different things are fun, and thus our system support cognitively diversity…

Okay, so I want to list out things, like skill share things, but also maybe places we are listening. I “listen” to a lot of communities, for my own purposes, but if I know someone is into something, I route that info to them.

Let’s use this discussion to list out things we are watching and mentoring on, and see if there is a pattern where we can structure it; at the very least we’ll have an updated sense of what folks are into right now. :slight_smile:

Technologies I track/have expertise:

  • WordPress (entire ecosystem)
  • Discourse (forums+)
  • Fedora/GNOME (advocate/user)
  • General #webcraft (:sunglasses:)
  • Hugo (static site generators)

Stuff I’m deep-diving at the moment:

  • Fossil (version control/archiving)
  • FreshRSS (RSS server with neat features)
  • Flatpak (software package manager)

Haha, so many Fs.

Projects I’m working on:

  • Online mapping and survey stuff for work, always accessible (funding for the engine) :money_mouth_face:
  • talkgroup (you’re here; message bus for the engine) :speaking_head:
  • interi org (project hub for the engine) :page_facing_up:
  • +io (data for the engine) :floppy_disk:
  • +gtp (interactive options for the engine) :video_game:
  • +oak (docs for my local community, possibly other services) :deciduous_tree:
  • Navigating my combined file system from 10 years of backups and device storage :minidisc:
  • Reconciling my gifts with my past, so I come alive and fulfill my destiny as a chaos miracle :brain::rainbow:

Lightly aware of/have connections to ppl who work on/interested in:

  • coding bootcamps and free coding workshops
  • mesh networking
  • single page websites makers
  • crowdfunding
  • subscription apps incl. fruit delivery
  • world of warcraft classic
  • animal crossing
  • new video game consoles like ouya hahaha
  • lego
  • musicals
  • some sports stuff now
  • some punk stuff (proximity)
  • alameda
  • a cappella, singing
  • traditional asian lion dance, drums
  • protester safety
  • security, online
  • “smart” devices
  • all the gadgets
  • ham radio

oh. work stuff?

  • some webcraft
  • angular
  • ruby
  • interested in rust
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