EVE Online trial

I've been playing the trial for EVE Online. I am about a week into it, and I've decided that as it stands, without a group of people to pull me in, this isn't the game for me.

It is pretty simple, I play games to relax. I enjoy a certain level of complexity, but if a game takes more time and effort than the work I am trying to relax from, then I am no longer interested.

This is why Magic: The Gathering is out. I can't play it casually, because that is the base for competitive play which is an amazing "game", but it requires dedication that I can't muster for something that isn't art or isn't helping people.

I know that many people are creative in these complex games. I know that it must be satisfying to build a trading empire in EVE. But the work I do is already satisfying. I need something low-level, within a certain range of complexity, and just interesting enough to keep me playing but which I can forget about after an hour or so.

I am not cutting out EVE forever. If I knew people playing I would probably as well. But for now I know people playing Haven and Hearth, a similar game (believe it or not) that my friends are playing, and that is good enough for me.