Everything is muted by default

Hey so I just noticed that posts in the #logs category aren’t showing up in my latest posts timeline for some reason. I’ve missed all of these!

Edit: the category was muted for me… I don’t remember doing that! (I must have though?)

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All categories are muted by default. It is one of those big decisions I made on my own because it would effect 50 people and I erred on less messages.

Sorry you missed stuff. But you were never overwhelmed, either. :grimace:

I forget when I made the change, maybe I posted in #meta. Anyhow, it means we can invite folks to talk in a single topic without annoying them, so we gain a lot from this new config.

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The thing I wasn’t expecting is not seeing it in ‘latest’. I thought TG just had been really quiet the last couple months.

I never thought to look in specific categories for new posts. IMO this seems like an over-agressive Muted setting.

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I know I’m not winning any points for having switched a thing and made you miss messages, but… I love you and am not trying to exploit you and want you to choose the messages you get rather than guess and hand you a reality.

I’m betting that you’ll like this system better in time, but if not you can get a posse and argue me down. :slight_smile:

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a) I love you too
b) I think it’s an interesting choice. My personal thoughts are, if I go to Latest I expect to see all new posts in decending order, unless I’ve specifically hidden some or whatever.

Just in case I am missing something here, I want to be clear. I have never received emails re: posts unless I was @, which makes sense to me.

I am okay with it, I 50% dig it now, but we should make it clear somehow to new users. Because as I said, I think expected UX is if you go to Latest you would see everything.

And old users! @trashHeap @sudocurse @evergreen Just in case you weren’t aware, this is a thing to know!

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I think each category (talkgroup) should describe how to subscribe to it. It won’t always be via notification; I don’t have time to explain, but talkgroup is going to be generating a lot of messages in the soonish timeframe.

As I am the defacto admin for nearly all the talkgroups I decided to not mention it. I think its neat, because I’ve still interacted with everyone, in these distinct yet public conversations and no one seems bogged down. There are several topics I’m aware of (because web stats) that I’ve never seen and are quite popular. That’s really neat. It means we are using a shared resource effectively, without me being part of the action.

So… if you want #logs to mention about subscribing, it probably makes sense to mentions subbing to #dailies for that specific slice. And also mention the RSS and JSON feeds, for anon usage.

I was gonna make some graphics to create a doc for managing notification levels in Discourse that we can reuse, rather than describe that process each time. I want to make sure we show how to do it from a mobile device. :sunglasses:

I look here with some frequency and have assumed there’s been nothing on here, not sure now how true that is. So I’d see new posts if stuff was not muted but I won’t take the time to unmute things.

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That was my experience as well.

I wish there was a link that could be View All Latest that showed everything new in chronological order, then a View My Latest that was only the categories I had personally unmuted.

That’s part of the goal. The idea is that you will be notified about things you are interacting with, and if you want more you will search for a way to track something (we can explain it well, it’s just a little notification button or a preference page).

View All Latest - View My Latest = Search results for 'in:unseen order:latest' - talkgroup

Word Math. :sunglasses:

That’s not an answer, of course, but help me understand what you are going for. Such as: how is what you want different from you going to choosing the categories you want to track?

Here’s what mine looks like, from

I am finally replying to this! It is happening!

This is mine, and this is after I’ve gone in and set several categories to ‘Normal’.

There is no discoverability. I don’t know if I’d want to watch category X because I never see any content from there. There are new categories and I didn’t even know they exist because there is no source that lets me see new things I am not subscribed to.

AAh ok here is my main thing. distilled. If I am not logged in and I go to Latest, I see what I expect. If I log in, suddenly a lot of content disappears. If I was a new user, and I find us and think “Cool! I’ll create an account!” and they do… Then they never see anything at all.

Check it, just created new user:

Same on New, Top. Categories shows things, but again it’s not very new stuff.

If we took this Search results for 'in:unseen order:latest' - talkgroup and made it a new View All Latest for logged in people, then kept existing Latest and make it My Latest or whatever, that makes more sense to me.

And this is the guy who hasn’t yet updated gitea even though he should, so please don’t take this as anything other than just finally giving you the datapoints you asked for a while ago! :hugs:

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We’ve had some offsite discussions about this, and it is ongoing.

One development that is kinda interesting, especially for “onboarding” a new member:

This new setting will let us choose a set of categories to be visible by default.

As we proceed with talkgroup audit (2020) we can determine per talkgroup which are visible at all times.

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