Exact size of a banana

We had just eaten pizza, and had a fresh one out of the oven. Clover wanted a banana.

“Can I eat a banana?”

“Are you still hungry? We have more pizza?” Susan replied.

“No. I’m, full of pizza, except for one slice the exact size of a banana.”

Clover ate a banana.


“I’m full except for one slice that is the size of something I want to eat” is literally the same as a long running joke in my family. My sister said the same thing when she was a bit younger than Clover, except my mom continued to troll her…

“These bon-bons are star shaped, so they won’t fit in the only space left in your stomach.”

“Okay, the space left is star shaped.”

“Oops, I was wrong, they are square shaped.”

“Okay, the space left is square shaped.”