Explore Buying a Used Toyota Mirai

sigh this is probably better than my fifteen year old normal gasoline car w/ 200k miles that gets 20-25 mpg

Worth looking into. Have you seen the “Adam Ruins Everything” show? There’s an episode on EVs, and they cite some studies on impact. And then they updated the info in a later ep. So, that is my data point as a pedestrian (in fashion as well as mode! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ). I’ll look up links later. :slight_smile:

not an EV!


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Oh, that interesting, I wonder if the advice was specific to EV, or applies to new cars. Someone look that up! :slight_smile:

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I used to own a CNG vehicle (1990 Ford Crown Victoria) and I loved it. @maiki also loved it.

I’ve been looking at another cng/hydrogen vehicle for a future car if we need one. I just love the idea of hydrogen fuel cells, for many reasons. (And I have concerns re: EVs and their batteries)

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talkgroup is the best! i had no idea you were also a fan of hydrogen fuel cells! here we are!

It’s a better energy storage system with less waste than batteries!!

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FUD is a bad reason to avoid clean energy whether that’s hydrogen or nuclear. That said:

A week after the incident, nine out of eleven passenger vehicle hydrogen refueling stations in the Bay Area were offline due to short hydrogen supply

I don’t have a Mirai, but if I did I’d be glad I don’t rely on my car to commute.



Hydrogen is the most abundant chemical substance in the Universe, constituting roughly 75% of all baryonic mass.

From Wikipedia.

I mean, I get logistically what they’re saying, but it just bothers me.

Also, I’ve been thinking about this more and more, and what I really want is a hydrogen separation station for my home, where my solar panels ‘store’ energy by separating hydrogen from water, and then storing that hydrogen. Zero lithum/battery e-concerns, zero battery life concerns.

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–> zero life concerns!

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This article seems to disagree about hydrogen + waste: Why battery-powered vehicles stack up better than hydrogen

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I’m just skimming the article (I think ya’ll should walk!), but this popped out:

(1 kg of hydrogen takes up 12 cubic metres @ standard atmospheric pressure; 1 kg of hydrogen = roughly 100 km driving range)

That seems like a lot. It was related to a point about condensing hydrogen for storage.

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@sudocurse, does the pandemic change your concerns about buying a used toyota mirai? :grimacing: