Explore Wok Wednesdays

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  1. :white_check_mark: get a wok

  2. :white_check_mark: get this book

  1. cook one of the recipes for May
  1. eat

Im just going to add, everytime I scroll by this subject line. My brain wants to read it as “Ewok Wednesdays” which I wish were a thing.


Last year they had Bunny Fridays at Impact Hub Oakland. Someone brings the bunnies in, and you see folks just walking around, holding and petting bunnies.

The person eats them, eventually, so I’m more on topic than Wes! :slight_smile:


thank you @malatesta! i will look for a 14" carbon steel.

this looks promising!

rcspott 03/11/12 7:26PM
Found a nice 14" carbon steel wok with hollow metal handle, which is the style I wanted, at Sam Yick Market on 8th in Oakland for $11.99.

but it’s from 2012. will update if i can find sam yick market.

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