Factional story narratives

Multiple factions with different narratives can have adversarial motives, along a series of encounters.

This means you can tell a story that changes depending who wins a particular conflict. But all the conflicts remain the same.

This means I can have a bunch of factions a player can join, and their decisions determine story outcome, but all the sides of each encounter remain the same. The player basically activates sub-plots by special win-conditions for any given battle.

Battle for Wesnoth might fit this. String of battles, but they tell a different story.

Or, just go nuts and build encounters as you go. Maybe reward clever play from earlier in the game to make it easier later on…

This is an older note I’m moving over: noting it derives from playing turned-based skirmish games, which essentially start a battle fresh in each encounter. I ponder how to keep the same framework for the benefits of content creation, while allowing nuanced stories to play out “in the background”, providing more meaning and context to players.