Fanime 2008, Friday

After the little snafu with my badge this morning, Susan and I got cash and food and then hit the Artist’s Alley. We got a really great art book that is just beautiful, and then proceeded to buy a print from nearly every artist that is in the book. Reviews and praises to come.

With that spree out of the way I found my main man Bryan Wong, who jumped up and hugged me! I bought a couple of his books (too exhausted to go into, but they will get their own posts) and he is in the process of making me a drawing. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

After visiting with Bryan we went to see Keroro Gunso, the Movie. And once again with the tired promise that I will review it later, I have to say this: the story blew my mind. I mean, it is Sergeant Frog, so it had to be what it is, but the plot elements are up there with the best use of humanity turning in on itself. The homage to giant monster movies was painfully adorable, and I will be picking it up for sure.

We came back to our base of operations, and I proceeded to miss a panel that I really wanted to attend, run by Gilles Poitras. I was kinda bummed, but I missed it last year as well, so I wasn’t to bothered by it. And I was right not to be, since I got to chat with him for 15 minutes while waiting for the Hordes of the Hilton Elevators to clear out. He told me some things that blew my mind, and I can honestly say that when I think of the type of otaku that I am, I think of him. I look forward to his panel tomorrow!

One last thing, among the swag that we picked up there is one thing that stands out above all else… I bought a model! I never thought I was that hardcore (and I am not, really, it is a snap-together), but I couldn’t resist! That is because it is Tachikoma! I really want to get snapping, but I want to make a photo essay of it, so it will have to wait until I am back at c9th.

I am sure I am leaving out lots of details, but it is all I can do to stay focused this long. Three more days! Yay! :slight_smile:

I actually had the drawing from Bryan in a borderless glass frame that I broke yesterday. Had it in there for years…

Next time I have out the scanner, I’ll scan it and post it. It’s great. :slight_smile:

I actually ran into Gilles near the end of 2019, during a random errand. It was great to catch up, and Gilles told me about a book project that sounded really cool. Oh, library otaku! :sunglasses:

I never put together that model! I ended up passing it on or throwing it out. I don’t even think I opened it.

I like building things, but I don’t like building models to look at. I don’t personally have the space or temperament for such activities, and that’s good to know. :slight_smile: