Fantasy ecology game

This is kinda hard to explain, because it’s got a lot of moving parts.

The player is a steading, and there are other locations nearby, like “Ruins” or “Burial Grounds”, and it has a monster ecology attached to it.

So the game is about playing a certain amount of cards on a turn, and as it resolves a different set of cards are drawn, like “treasure” or “characters”, so it is resource-deck building, to improve one’s ability to play cards in the future.

A simple implementation is a player building a deck against a predetermined ecology. A multiple player game would have each play being their own steading, “near” one or more fantasy ecologies.

This is a distillation of some notes from 2019, but as I was writing it up I thought: I could make this a video game, the thing in my head, totally a video game… :thinking: