February 18, 2019 - Monday

I’m canceling all my monthly expenses, something I should have done a long time ago. Does anyone have a rec for a money therapist, whivh is what I call financial planners? Maybe I should ask that question in Life Raft.

I iust learned that Two Chairs, the group through which I see my therapist, submits my out-of-network insurance claims for me. That’s so great!!! Now I have to set up reminders to check my account for thise claims. Gaaaah reminders.

I’ve been using Habitica, and I happily check off my “check in at Dailies” daily. I haven’t checked off my “put cpap machine on face tonight” daily in about a month, though. =( I keep having yo buy health potions because of it.

I still have a headache!!!

Replaced bulb in bathroom.

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so warm!

It makes a marked difference, especially in this cold!

Also, we all shower with only the red light on. Strangely comforting showering in a dark room. :hugs:

Gonna up my Tetris 99 game and play some more Final Fantasy 9. So, basically, do nothing important tonight…

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