February 20, 2019 - Wednesday

i am loving this daily ritual of large pieces of wood.

this morning, i had a group call with my siblings again. while my sister and i were both on our respective subways (me: transbay, sister: boston), we don’t talk, so my brother DJed for us. he started with a song and asked us to guess it. we texted back that it sounded so so familiar and it moved on to a particularly catchy part and annie said “ah! mario!!” it was from super mario galaxy, the latest mario game! our brother continued to play us a bunch of happy, peppy tracks. it made me smile on the insanely crowded bart train (there was a delay this morning and it was extra packed).

i really like the galaxy soundtrack! it’s orchestral, whimsical, grand, and a little strange. it has lots of throwbacks but breaks new ground too. the game also makes fun of itself =) what should i use to link to media? i can’t remember! (youtube will not autoload, right?)

iiiiiiiiiiii am helping apprentices with installing postgres today. follow along: PostgreSQL installation details and debugging · Issue #591 · Techtonica/curriculum · GitHub lol. :headdesk: i am about to have everyone stop and change to using Postgres.app. rawwwrrrrrr

before using a youtube link, i would like to give myself the “callous or inattentive linker” not-badge for using a youtube link, but i forgot how. it might have looked like a four-leaf clover? i tried looking it up in my history but haven’t found it yet – it was in a comment @maiki left on one of my posts! do you remember what it was? ^^

Shame… Shame! :shamrock:

I can be a bit tinder hearted and ive been wrestling with some emotionally unoptimal things lately; AND both me and my fiance have been sick the past couple of days. So all my productivity has been pretty sub optimal.

I did work remotely today though, mostly building customizations in our campus service management system for our telephone/networking team.

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Hope you two feel better soon!

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Journaling with Clover right now.

Today @susan and I walked Clover to school and then took shuttle-shuttle to IKEA for breakfast. Yep! And we ate where we could see the Golden Gate Bridge. Because Emeryville.

“The smaller specimen mimics the larger one, camouflaged in plain sight…”

Two adult breakfasts for $5.

Squint and you can see… :bridge_at_night:

Then we continued our cheap date by going to Barnes & Noble without a kid! Whaaaatttt?!

We go to do things like…

…touch things without having a freakout!

… just sit in silence and the sun.

…laugh uncontrollably at a book title without having to explain some fairly high level humor.

Then, we went back to IKEA, because they have $0.75 veggie dogs that come with mustard and beets and then I saw this cloud that looked like a teddy bear laying down:


So Clover like just reads now… and apparently spends a lot of time in group reading environments! :slight_smile: