February 26, 2019

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Day four of Oakland Teacher’s Strike. LA’s lasted 6. Info is getting around that while schools are technically open, 97% of our school decided to stay out during the strike, and it is estimated that most of the district’s 35,000 students are doing the same. I’ll fact check this later, but interesting news going around.

If you are rained in, how about trying a new BBS: Mystic Dungeon BBS :slight_smile:



today we had everyone create an api with a single RESTful endpoint from scratch. tomorrow: adding a database connection!

it was a coworker’s birthday. we decorated her desk and got us all taiyaki! it was delicious!!!


We got another note indicating that district-wide, only 6% of students have been attending classes… wow. This feels so big as to be, um, dream-like. Hmmm. A lot of kids are not going to school, a lot of teachers are standing up for their lives, and reality is less breaking and more, hmmm, fuzzy.

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