February 5, 2019


Ive got some stuff with the fact that im both working full time, and a student thats kinda grinding my gears a bit today. The university can be both weirdly accommodating and unaccommodating of this stuff at the same time. I get caught up in a lot of bureaucratic and academic logic loops because of me being a special case. Im hoping this will mostly even out after ive been enrolled for a full year or two.

It’s wierd because being a state employee your encouraged to do this; they even give you three classes an academic year for free as one of your HR benefits. But c’est la vie.


Wow, that is awesome. Do you live in the US?


Yeah. In NC if you work for the state and fall under state HR, you can take three courses a year at any UNC system school, sans tuition and base fees. Its considered one of your state employee HR benefits. Your supervisor also has to authorize you taking it, and youve got to have a plan for making up any job time you miss. But you otherwise also are a normal student. Youve got to meet enrollment requirements and whatnot, and all the other regulations that befall students. (Had to figure out the student insurance requirements this year and whatnot).

Im not sure honestly how you’d make it work if you weren’t a state employee working at a UNC system campus; outside of a purely online program. However, luckily for me, I am.

I’d like to emphasize a lot of our job benefits and salary ranges and whatnot are not great when compared to the private sector. But this benefit is a pretty sweet deal.


Today is basically going to be this: I got Final Fantasy Legend 2 for the original Gameboy in the mail, so I’m going to test that out. Also do some write-ups for BBSes, gonna try to finish my opinions on all the ones that start with ‘A’. I finished my hour of walking on the treadmill. My roommate wants me to make sure he gets his laptop that he sent out for the makers to repair. I want to check out stuff by System 76, Purism and Pine64. I also want to do something with the VPS that I have with Digital Ocean. </Random stream of thoughts>

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Showering and then interview.

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happy lunar new year!

the company that is hosting techtonica by donating office space for these six months, indeed, is decorated to the nines for the new year! someone wrote this chinese calligraphy and put it up at the office. i can’t read it all but i asked a friend to take a picture i could send to my mom, because the top left character is 梅, my chinese name. it means plum blossom.


Interview went great. Will know Friday. Life goes on. :slight_smile: