February 6, 2019

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It’s too cold this morning!


/me agrees frigidly.


Wikibase has so many features specific to Wikidata, I think I am better off with SMW + a triple store + SPARQL.

Anyone know of a better way to update and maintain a triple store? That’s what I’m going over today.


Today I walked and also looked for places to volunteer. It’s hard finding a job, and I’ve looked everywhere with the help of a job coach, and we’ve interviewed at so many places. Anyways, the places I looked to volunteer at are a pet shelter, a nature reserve and a few other places. I plan to call them tomorrow.

Also on the agenda is that I setup a new site/tilde which is still a massive WIP. It’s at http://www.re-volt.tk and is orientated towards cryptographic communication and old school vibes. I’d like to get a new domain for it, but I can’t afford one currently as I lack the funds for it. To be honest, I wanted it to be revolt.space, but I have no idea how much that would cost…


Lots to do for the day job today, so that is mostly what I am thinking about. Will probably need to work some tonight too, which isn’t my ideal.