hey folks. what’s the fireworks situation in your neighborhood?

in mine it’s been pretty bad for a few weeks. now i see friends talking about memes that go “fireworks are cool. fireworks are a psy-op. “fireworks are a psy-op” is a psy-op. fireworks are cool” and sharing articles like Why Are There Fireworks Every Night? Twitter Has a Theory. - The Atlantic , Why firework conspiracy theories are everywhere right now. , Boompilled: Fireworks Conspiracy Theories Are Bursting Across The Internet – articles about the conspiracies about the fireworks. lol.

even without a global pandemic and an uprising against state violence, i wouldn’t really want to walk outside in the direction of noise to find who was setting them off and ask them to stop. lol. but i can fantasize about it i guess. “please stop,” i’d beg in my pajamas and flip flops. “think of the little scared doggies,” i’d plead, before fainting from the walk. “so many of us have PTSD,” i’d whisper from the pavement. “this isn’t funny.”

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Yeah, I’ve considered the same, about walking towards the source. I don’t have a plan on finding the source. No cops, no leverage, just a conversation with folks shooting off fireworks…

I wish we had a bedtime. Like, okay, it only gets dark around 9, so no booms after 10pm! I’m about compromise…

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