fish garden

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Continuing the discussion from May 20, 2019 - Monday:

I am trying out an aquaponic fish garden system!

i don’t know what the plant will be yet!?

the fish is a male betta. he is red. he doesn’t have a name yet. i picked not the most gloriously finned or color-saturated one but the one that moved around in his little cup the most. half-moons were 9.99 and he was 7.99.

done: got fish, gravel, food, conditioner from international aquarium. got jar from jen-mei. got kit from greenPLUR on etsy. the kit was just clay pebbles, a plastic basket, and a wedge of growstuff. very simple.

washed clay and jar and gravel. conditioned tap water, waited overnight for it to get to room temperature, plopped the fish in this morning!

todo: see if i need to remove the plastic nautilus shell decoration. maybe he wants a water plant instead. i think he should have something to hide behind if he wants.

he’s cute! he is swimming around a lot.

hehe. emotional support fish says hullo.


omg! i got a circus fish! i put him on the table so my siblings could see him in the webcam and he’s super interactive and swam through his shell several times! BEST FISH!

name ideas include

  • jupiter because he’s red and i like space and betelgus is too obvious as a red star
  • xiao xing xing as in “little star”
  • athelas because that was the name of my red-haired male blood-elf paladin, after the king’s herb in lotr, because paladins heal. this is a good name because he will grow an herb.

i think i’ll name him Athelas.

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You can call him 'Kingsfoil" when he gets unruly!


update about the fishy: the cats knocked over the jar onto my laptop. $299 repair (cheaper than the $1100 it would have cost if it didn’t have applecare+.) but di saved the kingsfoil as he flopped about on the cutting mat on the table and grabbed him and put him back in the jar. i put some more water in slowly over the next week. he is fine!

he lives very high up now over the sink where cats can’t reach. lol.

over the last few days, he’s blown bubble nests!

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Poor fishy and laptop!!! Cats are very bad.

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