foot notes

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metatarsal pad

  • placement is key
  • do not put it right where pain is
  • put it on the side

can buy over counter

  • may need to shave it down
  • often they’re for guys
  • can do a dancer’s version, with a notvy that doesn’t hit the ball of the foot. literally cut that spot out


  • one time use if you stick it to your foot
  • put it on shoe til it flattens out

gel plastic one, reuse and wash


proactively do it on my other foot too

@maiki will you move this to Tuna - talkgroup please? ^^

metatarsal pads arrived. i got “dancer’s pads” as the podiatrist suggested, because they have a notch cut out of the ball of foot area where my problem is, and i meed to have that exact area not covered with a pad.