Fossil-ized single player world saves

Okay, this is gonna be one of the weirder ones, but… what if you kept your save game in a fossil repo, and others were doing the same? For some types of data, that means neat things.

For instance, you could keep a Minetest world in a fossil, and take turns playing it, syncing back to a central instance. It’s actually kinda neat, you could share it, but only give “write” access to certain folks at certain times. It’s like hosting an async virtual world build party where everyone leaves with a relic!

We’ve done sneakernet stuff with Minecraft before, with a thumbdrive. Each person plays alone, searching the ruins of players past. This could be set up in the same way, where each player takes a turn, they play their time, and then commit their changes to the repo. Everyone would get it, but only the next player would get to make new changes…

Tangential thought: incron to fossil commit. Depending on how a game loads it’s world data, others might be able to follow along in semi-real time. Like watching a Minetest world build itself…

Some nerdy next level stuff, but I’m down to experiment if we find games that have files that make sense like this. Oh, what can we do with DCSS?!

@tim, we could have a shared run directory! Then we could see how they compare locally, everywhere!


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Dolphin emulator + Animal Crossing + fossil = the game you play with friends forever.