Futile Devices

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I’ve been listening to a lot of stuff on Bandcamp lately, and this is a track that I had to get. Sufjan Stevens makes really interesting music, but some reason the other tracks on this album (The Age of Adz) just seem to grind on me, especially after how melodic and beautiful Futile Devices is.

Jason said:

Thanks for posting this — I haven’t explored for new music in quite a long time. Good stuff (and awesome that I was able to listed all the way through so easily before buying the album). Impossible Soul being over 25 minutes surprised me… it’s practically it’s own album.

Incidentally, I just stumbled upon The Jezabels watching a biking video (second song) which featured A Little Piece.

Yeah, I started feeling the need to find some new music after the Lullatones, and that site is really happening for me.

From Bandcamp’s FAQ:

One of my fans showed me a totally easy way that someone could STEAL my music off of Bandcamp using RealPlayer 14.1 beta 3, or, or by going into Temporary Internet Files and renaming blah blah blah. What are you doing about this grave problem? Nothing. Since streams on Bandcamp are full-length, rather than 30-second snippets, it's correct that someone could use one of the above methods to access the underlying 128k mp3. And sure, we could throw some technical hurdles in their way, but if they hit one of those hurdles, it's not like they'd slap their forehead and open their wallet. Instead, they'd just move on to some other site where those restrictions aren't in place, and you'll have squandered the chance to make your own site the premier destination for those seemingly cheap, but enthusiastic, word-spreading, and potentially later money-spending fans. In other words, the few people employing the above methods are better thought of as an opportunity, not a lost sale. If you're still skeptical, Andrew Dubber's post on the topic of music piracy is a must-read.

I don’t know, it seems like exactly what I’ve always wanted from an artist, so it is a really cool tool. The one thing that is weird is that you don’t get access to the other formats when you buy one, but that can be worked on as more people want it. For now I just buy the FLAC and convert it how I want.

That is an awesome video, by the way. Susan and I watched it, and we like the first song. So, sharing media really works out for artists. :slight_smile:

Jason continued:

I was kind of curious about the format thing, but didn’t bother checking. While I’d be inclined to do that same thing (FLAC and convert), just in case I decided to make an AMV or something, but for they’d just needlessly take up space. It would be nice to just have access to download the FLAC later, though, so I hope they change that.

Yeah, I really like that Loch Lomond song too. I listened to more of each artist, and The Jezabels especially grabbed me. It’s good study music, which I kind of need right now. Too bad they’re RIAA (MGM) signed, or I’d buy all three of their albums. [Yes, I’m still doing that, and yes I know it won’t get the RIAA to change its practices.]

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